Galit Roichman’s Bio

A graduate of Tel Aviv University with a Masters Degree in Film, Galit is a screenwriter who has also worked extensively as an informal Jewish educator in Israel and the Diaspora.

In addition to working on screenplays and lecturing, Galit is an editor for the Online Encyclopedia of Ynet and a regular contributor to their website’s Travel and Tourism section.

Galit has presented workshops and lectured throughout Israel in a variety of forums, including the School for International Students at Haifa University, Israeli Experience, Inc., the Education Department of the Jewish Agency, the Avichai Foundation, the Diaspora Museum, and more.

Content of Presentations

Workshops and lectures on Israeli Cinema and Israeli Society. The following are examples of topics and issues that could be included in Galit’s activities:

  • The image of the Israeli – “the Sabra” – in film and its evolution throughout the years, up to the present day
  • The dichotomy and paradoxes of Israeli Society as both a “melting pot” and a diverse, multi-cultural community
  • Zionist mythology and legend and their presentation on the “Big Screen”
  • Exploring the realities of what it means to be Jewish and to be Religious in Israel: Confronting issues of the Secular-Religious debate
  • Reflections of the Holocaust in Israeli Cinema
  • Israel in the Eye of the Observer: The Israeli Reality from the viewpoint of tourists and Olim Chadashim (New Immigrants)
  • Children in Israeli Film: Conduits for Emerging Ideologies

Format of Presentations

Workshops and Lectures include viewing and analysis of clips from feature and documentary films spanning several different periods in Israel’s history.

Each presentation is individually crafted to meet the specific requests and goals of the organizing institution and in accordance with the level and background of the audience.

Presentations can be done in English or Hebrew. Presentations can be arranged as part of a series, or as individual, one-time lectures.

Target Audience

Israelis, Jewish tourists and students from abroad, educators, or simply anyone who loves film in general and Israeli Cinema, in particular

Contact Me

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Galit Roichman
Mobile Phone: +972-52-471-1395